Church History


Overland Park Presbyterian Church is one of the oldest active congregations in Johnson County, Kansas. In February 1911, two two pioneer congregations merged: Corinth Presbyterian Church, formed in 1871, and Antioch Presbyterian Church, formed in 1873. The result of the merger was the Overland Park Presbyterian Church Society, which opened with 27 Charter Members.

Services for the new church were initially held at the Overland Park School until it burned down. Afterwards, they were held on the top floor of the old Conser building, now the Dragon Inn, at 80th Street and Foster.

After 40 years of worship in other venues, Overland Park Presbyterian Church built its first building in 1913 at 8109 Overland Park Drive. And in 1929, the congregation dedicated the cornerstone of another church building at 8209 Overland Park Drive, which the church would occupy for 88 years. During that time, multiple additions were added to the main building, the last being the “new” sanctuary dedicated in 1970.

In 2017, the session of Overland Park Presbyterian Church voted to sell their longtime building and look for a new home. Now, the church shares the building of Overland Park Lutheran Church at 7810 West 79th Street.

Reverend Jason Carle is currently Pastor of Overland Park Presbyterian Church, a role which he has held since 2009.